CBT compilation - 3 / No chance for tiny dick

CBT compilation - 3 / No chance for tiny dick

Length 68 minutes

Uploaded 1970-01-01

When beginning tormenting it, the poor dick would try to hide down and be invisible. Sure, this is an unpleasant situation for the mistress, since she would like to see it all in front of her for her comfortable strokes. To avoid such misfortune, the mistress may prefer to tie up, stretch and fix the dick somewhere clear, thus the poor thing will lose its chance to hide itself. In other words, the dominatrix must use two collars in a CBT session; one for the slave’s neck, and the other for his tiny dick. In this CBT compilation, you will watch our cruel ladies take full control over those victim cocks. What you should do is just watch it and thank your chance for not being there.

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  • Consitentcare

    2024-04-25 16:02:04

    Does the slave get whipped by their master?

  • Robin

    2022-02-23 11:13:42

    I want to be punished by her.

  • Collared912

    2021-10-08 21:59:51

    Awesome! <3

  • Blacksheep

    2021-10-01 01:06:57

    Great work Nicole. Cock cooking for Mistress dinner. Reminds me of a FemCan video. She would be great to make a cock cooking video.

  • knut_6kap

    2021-04-05 16:22:12

    It's interesting, but Gigi acts so much better when she takes on the role of a slave.

  • Federico

    2021-04-02 13:10:56


  • darcick

    2021-03-15 17:28:20

    Good, but also here, more damage can be done and she can be more aggressively

  • jonirings

    2020-12-23 07:32:18

    Wish it was me tied up and being whipped.

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