CBT compilation - 7 / Compare the cruelty

CBT compilation - 7 / Compare the cruelty

Length 76 minutes

Uploaded 1970-01-01

Though both of them are listed under the CBT category, ballbusting and ball whipping are completely different punishments. Ballbusting generally consists of uncontrolled hard foot or knee kicks, where whip strokes are usually targeted instrument hits with high accuracy. Both punishments are quite heavy for the slave guy indeed, and he would struggle to pick if he is allowed to pick one of them. In this CBT compilation movie, along with the other various torments, you will watch both ballbusting and ball whipping punishments, then you will be able to compare their effects on slaves separately. Now it’s time for you to get your pleasure from the movie.

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  • McOny

    2024-06-21 14:30:10

    Beautiful Lady Diana

  • Extremesexpain

    2022-11-13 21:43:39

    This would be so much fun. I’d love to suck the other cock to finish for lady Nicool

  • Entetainment

    2022-11-13 18:04:16

    Nice One

  • 58554455888

    2022-10-28 05:09:03


  • Fem licker

    2022-06-09 11:51:04

    When she nonshulantly tells him put it back, when his ball escapes the torture device 🏓

  • Hans

    2021-12-05 23:27:23

    Yuktsi is strong dominatrix, but to get an erotic touch she should dress like Lady Roxana!

  • wild64

    2021-10-10 14:20:07

    Lady Nicole deserves a good bareback whipping, tied to the whipping post! It will be very exciting!

  • cbtok

    2021-10-05 00:07:04

    Lady Roxana offers some heat with her candle and some wax. She is disappointed with the slave's lack of erection. Going after him with her riding crop, she cleans off the candle wax. Then, Lady Yultsi takes over, pulling him through a wooden stock and providing her with the erection that Lady Roxana wanted to torment. With one ball and his erection through the wooden stock and with frequent admonishments to keep his legs apart, this slave faces marks on all areas that Lady Yultsi reaches with her cane.

  • Cockwhiping Fan

    2021-09-23 19:44:55

    Excellent cock caning. Errant slaves need their cocks caned by their mistresses until they babbling for mercy, but none is offered, just endless cane strokes across a cock full of cane weals. Perhaps in future in punishment's sessions, for more effective discipline, the mistress can erect the slave by stroking his member first this caning his erection, then repeating this process, over and over. Gives her more area to work and the cock is more sensitive while erect. Another great production!

  • Monsieurq

    2021-08-25 03:24:35

    auf die gequetschten Eier harte Schläge - wievile wuerde ich aushalten und wie laut wuerde ich schreien???

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