Disgrace compilation - 4 / Crushing those useless dicks

Disgrace compilation - 4 / Crushing those useless dicks

Length 72 minutes

Uploaded 1970-01-01

To catch his weakest point and grab him in her hands, a mistress should get the slave guy on his fours as soon as possible in the session. Most of the ladies know this clue, and they usually target the slave guys’ little dicks, kick them off, and the poor guys find themselves with no other option left than getting on their fours, and trying to protect the useless dicks. By this, a pathetic submissive guy also accepts the superiority of his dominatrix. Now in this compilation of disgrace, you are to watch such scenes where the cruel ladies kick right on the sensitive parts of their slave guys. Just take your seat and enjoy the dominance.

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  • ryo

    2023-05-07 02:51:50


  • Daming

    2022-12-30 03:22:14


  • Gary

    2022-11-25 21:33:59

    What a good job


    2022-11-13 21:34:37

    I would love to have her kick my balls relentlessly it would feel so good

  • lucky

    2022-06-01 05:15:20

    wow.wonferdful experience

  • lucky

    2022-05-19 12:02:09

    Amazing Goddess

  • MW

    2022-05-09 19:53:09

    Nicole is just so great. It would be a dream come true to have her make me cry and beg for mercy.

  • Robin

    2022-02-23 14:02:49

    What's her real name? She is so amazing.

  • Tamara

    2022-02-23 06:24:57


  • BusterLuver

    2021-10-11 01:37:56

    I joined for Lady Nicole. Amazing clip. I just wish there were a few kicks barefoot. 10/10

  • Paul

    2021-09-25 23:25:25

    zugern würde ich mir jetzt von dir in die Eier treten lassen

  • cbtok

    2021-08-26 02:03:39

    Lady Nicool controls this slave with his willingness to serve and her voice alone and he has a great deal of self-control. But he flinches before each kick and tries to spoil her kicks by twisting, flinching and placing his knees closer together. One might suggest that Lady Nicool blindfold him and use a spreader bar. With his cock and balls tightly-tied and fearsome black boots, he has no real chance. She will eventually connect. She seems to be having a good time and this is what's important.

  • PEZ789

    2021-07-21 15:29:20

    Who would not want be whipped and trampled by this dark exotic Goddess. You could get lost in those big brown eyes as tortures you. The sub is a lucky guy.

  • FemdomObject

    2021-06-30 09:13:33

    Beautiful red trousers, handsome boots.

  • K.vignesh.

    2021-05-25 00:17:43

    I love you

  • Slavesissycuck

    2021-04-11 20:51:23

    Lady Ncole feet are to be worshiped. They are worth any pain and obedience from the submisdive. Very Hot Clip, 10 out of 10

  • Collared912

    2021-02-08 22:30:49

    Beautiful and cruel, I think I fell in love <3 Lady Nicole has a twitter account or another personal page? I want as much of it as possible ;)

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