Electroshock compilation - 3 / Misery of shocker

Electroshock compilation - 3 / Misery of shocker

Length 52 minutes

Uploaded 1970-01-01

If the victim guy of the session hasn’t received any electro torment before in his femdom life, and that is his first time with the shocker, he probably will be eager to taste the torment. Alas, after feeling the first touch of the shocker or the wired clamps, he will try to escape from the session, but the cruel mistress of the session will surely never let him go before the painful punishment is over. Electro torment is one of the most effective punishments in the femdom world, and every slave guy should taste it at least once in his life to be a proper slave for the ladies. Watch this lovely compilation movie and check the effect of the electro torment.

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  • Nudist

    2022-12-11 02:08:29

    Would love to see a role reversal to see how Mia likes it

  • Extremesexpain

    2022-11-13 22:11:37

    The cattle prod ! Ohhhh I’m in heaven!!! Shock me more mistress!!!! I beg of you. The candles, the riding crop incredible. Such sensual sexual torture.

  • Tamara

    2022-02-23 06:24:57


  • Monsieurq

    2021-08-25 03:26:31

    Stromfolter an eier und Schwanz mit verbundenen Augen und gefesselt - das wäre doch noch geiler, oder???

  • p5

    2021-07-04 16:29:29

    She speaks hungarian.

  • R2row

    2021-07-02 11:47:56

    I think he is in for something wonderful and meaningful. I wish I'd me up with someone like her when I was a lot younger. Hope they have lots of fun and gain meaningful insights into each other and them selves.

  • Jack34

    2021-04-17 02:26:40

    What language does she speak, please?

  • SAOW

    2021-03-14 11:37:04


  • Sshah

    2021-03-13 05:55:13


  • canemyass

    2020-11-30 21:35:24

    I love the way Mistress Mia Inflicts the pain on this guys poor cock. The wicked smile on mistress face is amazing to watch as she pours hot wax on the cock and cane it. Its absolute beauty to be in your production team and selection of models. !!!!!!!

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