Electroshock compilation - 4 / Dishonorable punishment

Electroshock compilation - 4 / Dishonorable punishment

Length 70 minutes

Uploaded 1970-01-01

When the shocker touches on the useless dick of the pathetic slave guy, he wishes he would never have a dick, since the pain the shocker leaves on that poor dick. At that moment, the poor slave guy will easily give up being a man and carrying the masculine pride. To get rid of that heavy pain, he will accept any unacceptable proposal that his cruel mistress offers. He will beg for the dominatrix to stop this unbearable pain, and he will admit that he is ready to receive any other hard punishment instead. Now just take your hot seat and enjoy the hot moments in this amazing electro torment compilation.

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  • zephira1958

    2022-12-23 20:01:56

    Un art

  • Russian

    2021-11-16 17:14:16

    Lady Nicole, you are very beautiful

  • Wild64

    2021-10-05 23:47:26

    Lady Nicole loves really to whip men, tied nude! What a pleasure!

  • BK

    2021-10-05 21:10:52

    Nice experience

  • Blacksheep.

    2021-10-01 01:09:36

    No remorse just pure fun for Mistress. Well done.

  • PaulTerra

    2021-09-09 17:44:53

    I love Lady Hope ! whish there were more vids with Her

  • Monsieurq

    2021-08-25 03:15:57

    geiles Aufwärmtraining - was kommt danach???

  • Aadi

    2021-08-03 17:14:16

    Please dear lomp sir, make a videos with Nicole in that you spanked hard to Nicole in front of a guy and Nicole blowjob that guys. & Nicole spanked that guy in nude during spanking piss on guy mouth.

  • PEZ789

    2021-07-21 15:24:22

    Oh the dark, mysterious, sadistic, Lady Nicole. To have her stand with her strong supple thighs and her full lush womanly bottom hovering over you must be intoxicating. Watching her seductive dark eyes dilate as she inflicts intense pain is extraordinarily erotic. The electric shocks are brutal. As she flogs his crotch with complete disregard for the slaves pain illustrated by the slaves involuntary muscle twitching show you the torture is quite real. I am sure thousands of men would be willing to trade places with this slave. This film is intense and must see. Lady Nicole is Domme that subs slaves switches dream of.... she is an exotic Goddess that demands to worshipped.

  • Kuldeep

    2021-07-19 08:24:35

    Lady Nicole is a nice lady she has punished that guy very cruelly but I think lady Nicole also make peeing on that guy face during the bdsm video full nude Nicole is also nice

  • DesiSub

    2021-07-12 13:44:14

    This is AMAZING! Its so much hotter when they dominate guys with small dicks. Lady Nicole is Gorgeous! Make videos of Subs sucking her toes and It would be so hot if she ended the video by peeing on the guys face!

  • Collared912

    2021-07-07 14:46:35

    Well, this is deserved by one who makes a mistake with this beautiful woman ;)

  • Mihir

    2021-07-07 00:16:26

    I love Lady nicole??

  • Psychaser

    2021-06-26 21:52:12

    The perfect plaything for this game, he suffer very well

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