Foot worshiping compilation - 3 / Regarded under hot feet

Foot worshiping compilation - 3 / Regarded under hot feet

Length 58 minutes

Uploaded 1970-01-01

Pain is never just pain. Pain isn’t always just the result of the punishment, which is given by the mistress due to misbehavior. Pain is sometimes a tool to disgrace the slave boy, teaching him his real place and getting him right under the dominatrix’s feet. The submissive guy must be trained with painful torments until he loses his entire masculinity pride. Eventually he must obey and accept female superiority. In this cruel compilation of foot worshiping themes, you will find the cruel ladies punishing their slaves extremely and degrading them irreversibly. Now it is your turn to watch the movie and enjoy this degradation activity.

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  • ryo

    2023-05-07 02:51:50


  • Daming

    2022-12-30 03:22:14


  • MW

    2022-04-26 09:24:47

    I found this video online, and after watching it decided to pay for a membership so I could see the rest of her videos. Oh boy, was it worth it! She shows zero emotion while delivering cruel punishment, which is just amazing to me. She sees slaves as pure objects, and is completely unaffected by their painful expressions. A true sadist. Hopefully there will be much more videos of her, she has real talent.

  • JohnalMac

    2022-02-09 14:01:53

    What beautiful pierced nipples hath Her Ladyship!

  • Stewart

    2022-02-09 06:21:14

    I would love to see Lady Lena walking full weight on a slave in those boots, standing on his chest with those heels sinking in. Lovely!

  • BusterLuver

    2021-10-11 01:37:56

    I joined for Lady Nicole. Amazing clip. I just wish there were a few kicks barefoot. 10/10

  • Blacksheep

    2021-10-01 00:58:04

    Stunning video. More cock crush video with her please.

  • Monsieurq

    2021-08-25 03:10:54

    harte Tritte in die eier - das vertrage und brauche ich auch

  • PEZ789

    2021-07-21 15:00:48

    Lady Nicole tramping and kicking... sign such cruelty

  • kuldeep

    2021-07-19 09:21:19

    Max lomp sir please make a video with Nicole and a guy and you punished Nicole very cruelly in front of the other guy

  • Slavesissycuck

    2021-04-11 20:51:23

    Lady Ncole feet are to be worshiped. They are worth any pain and obedience from the submisdive. Very Hot Clip, 10 out of 10

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