Foot worshiping compilation - 4 / Unbearable ball ache

Foot worshiping compilation - 4 / Unbearable ball ache

Length 53 minutes

Uploaded 1970-01-01

Kicking the guy’s butt, while he is on his fours, is another kind of ballbusting. When kicked from his back, unlike classic ballbusting, foot firstly will meet the balls, instead of the dick. Thus, the saggy balls will protect the small dick, but they will absorb all the impact and suffer more than usual. On the other hand, stuff which is kicked from the front side will share the pain equally. Both kicking models are, for sure, a nightmare for the slave kind, but the poor guys would probably prefer the equally shared pain. In this foot worshiping compilation, you will mainly watch the dominatrix kick their balls before they let the guys kiss their stunning feet.

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  • Tanveer

    2023-09-13 14:19:55

    Gorgeous lady. I want to be her slave

  • MW

    2022-05-09 19:53:09

    Nicole is just so great. It would be a dream come true to have her make me cry and beg for mercy.

  • Ecki

    2022-01-31 20:39:31

    Ich bin sehr zufrieden Gefällt mir!

  • Kafar

    2021-08-02 01:23:22


  • Deepak

    2021-07-28 16:08:11

    Good job, can you give me your whatsapp number to reach you to know some questions my email address is [email protected]

  • Aadi

    2021-07-28 11:11:32

    Hii lomp sir, I have requested many time that Nicole punished that guy in fully nude no dressed on her body and piss on guy face on the end of the video and you have too also punished Nicole for make and mistakes to give punished that guy

  • Collared912

    2021-02-08 22:30:49

    Beautiful and cruel, I think I fell in love <3 Lady Nicole has a twitter account or another personal page? I want as much of it as possible ;)

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